About us

The Karnataka Wine Board a registered body under the Karnataka Societies registration Act 1960 was created during the year 2007 in pursuance of the “Karnataka Grape processing and Wine Policy -2007” to ameliorate the problems of Grape growers of Karnataka. It also aimed making the process for establishment of new wineries, simple and hassle free. Since then, the board has been able to promote 17 new wineries in the State. These wineries have started making high quality wines and are able to establish their brands in the domestic market both within and outside the State. While M/s. Grover vineyards, the premier and oldest winery of the State has taken the lead to enter international market, the recent ones are planning to go international in the near future.

Wine board has also made successful efforts in creating consumer awareness by organizing festivals/seminars/wine tasting sessions etc. These efforts have borne fruit and the consumer base for wine has increased by nearly 10-12 percent in the last five years.

The wine board with the satisfaction of completing five years of service is stepping into sixth year. On this eve we are launching the website to reach out everyone interested in wine making, marketing and wine consumption. We desire to provide latest information on wine sector in Karnataka regularly to the connoisseurs of wine. Suggestions to improve our website are welcome.