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About Us

  • The Karnataka Wine Board was established in 2007, as a registered body under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960. The creation of the Board was a result of the “Karnataka Grape Processing and Wine Policy, 2007” as an effort to ameliorate the growing issues becoming endemic to the grape growing industry.
  • The Board aims to grow the local wine business by creating a simple and accessible pathway for anyone interested wineries in the state of Karnataka. Since it’s inception, the Board has supported the establishment and growth of 17 new wineries in Karnataka, in addition to continuing to partner with existing ones.
  • With the Board’s support, these wines have been engaged in manufacturing and promoting premium quality wines in both domestic and international markets.
  • The Board has also successfully creating and growing a responsible wine culture in the State, by creating spaces for people to explore their interest in wines at events like our annual wine festival, wine seminars, and wine tasting sessions held throughout the year. As a result, the consumer base for wine has grown approximately 12% in the last five years.
  • The Board seeks to expand their reach to anyone interesting in the manufacture of wine, marketing, and wine consumption in Karnataka, while also keeping wine producers and connoisseurs abreast of the latest industry developments.