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Heart Health Benefits

Coronary Heart disease reduced (University of California, Davis, 1995) Healthier blood vessels in elderly (University of Ferrara in Italy, 2004)

Lung Health benefits

Improves lung function from antioxidants in white wine (American Thoracic society, 2002)

Ulcer Prevention

Ulcer-causing bacteria reduced (American Journal of
Gastroenterology, 2003)

Cancer Prevention

Cancer cells killed by protein in red grape skins (University of
Virginia Health system, 2004)

Women’s Health Benefits

Decreases ovarian cancer risk (The Queensland Institute of Medical Research in Australia 2004) Strong bones (Twin Research and Genetic Epidemiology Unit, St Thomas Hospital in London, 2004) Lower of stroke (Centers for Disease control and Prevention, 2001)

Men’s Health Benefits

Lower of heart attack for men with high blood pressure (Worcester Medical Center in Massachusetts,2004)


Over all health benefits

Anti-ageing effects in red grape skins (Harvard Medical School in Boston, 2004)