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It starts easily - just look at your wine glass. Swirl its contents gently and note the opacity, depth of colour, and viscosity (how the wine trails down the glass after a swirl) and how they differ from wine to wine.


We begin tasting with our noses. Stick yours into your glass (don’t be shy!) and inhale. What are first few things that pop into your head? Don’t feel pressured to get too specific - broad categories work best here.


The step we’ve all been waiting for. Draw the wine into your mouth with some air. This is not the time to worry about table manners, the noisier the better. Let it sit on your tongue for a little bit before swallowing. Do you experience a difference in taste? Note the texture of the wine on your tongue and how long the notes last before your next sip.


Finally, the best part of any tasting. Think about whether you enjoyed your glass. How does it compare to others you have tried? What food pairing are you craving with this? Wine is best enjoyed in the company of good friends, so is this something that will make for a good accompaniment to your next celebration? Go on, have another sip and decide.