Designed by-TIP


The shape of the glass directs the wine to the center of the tongue, moderating its acidity and enhancing its flavour profile.


This glass gives for the wine to breathe allowing you to experience the enhanced acidity and intensity of this full-bodied wine.


After allowing the younger wine to breathe, the slender rim of this tall glass directs the wine onto the tongue more smoothly.


The glass shape tempers the alcohol, while also enhancing the fruit and spice notes. Its rim directs the wine to mid-palate allowing the complex balance of flavours to fully bloom.


This large round bell-shaped glass collects the delicate aromas present resulting in a perfect balance of highlighted sweetness, regulated acidity and alcohol suppression.


The large bowl of the glass allows the wine to aerate at its widest point. This keeps younger wines tasting fresh, while enhancing the spicy, nutty taste of more mature ones.


A universal glass, it works with every kind of wine, but is especially suited to light, crisp white wines.


The upright narrow shape helps retain carbonation and hold on longer to the flavour enhancing the bouquet of sparkling wine. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy watching the bubbles rise to the top?